Lawyers suing lawyers – go figure! Having come from a high-volume practice that involves supervision of young associates Bob can personally attest to the incredible need for an excellent legal malpractice lawyer. While mistakes that lawyers and their staff make are often quite obvious (missed deadlines, failure to communicate a settlement offer) there are often very subtle differences between a judgment call and a breach of the standard of care.

As lawyers we hold ourselves out as fiduciaries of our clients and therefore must hold ourselves to the highest of standards. While only a very small percentage of lawyers actually engage in self-dealing, there are a myriad of factual circumstances where breach of a fiduciary becomes a problem. Strong law firm leadership is a good head start. However, having a knowledgeable, savvy and convincing legal malpractice makes a significant difference.

Bob has handling both internal and external defense of legal malpractice allegations as well as depending various bar proceedings that arise from some of these cases. The legal profession, especially litigation, often includes a dissatisfied party. Call Swift Legal Group to assist you with a learned and candid assessment of your case.

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