It’s easy to find a lawyer to defend property claims. Finding one that is experienced enough to provide good advice and defend a complex claim is not so easy. Early in Bob’s career, he was a road adjuster handling complex property claims involving commercial property fires and water losses. In those days, we drove to the property, spoke directly to the insured and the witnesses, gathered the documents, and then wrote our repair estimate by hand without automated software. Later, Bob handled claims involving general pollution, asbestos, leaking underground storage tanks, and oil/gas spills. He has interacted with both claimants and government agencies in coordinating and resolving clean-up and other issues under the CERCLA (Superfund) act.

There is much more at stake in handling commercial property claims than the simple cost to repair or replace a building. Coinsurance policies, business interruption, and extra expense, ordinance or law, and other similar provisions can make a seemingly straight-forward loss become difficult to assess.

The combination of Bob’s property and coverage experience allows him to give clients advice at any stage of the claim process. Florida’s first party property and bad faith landscape is a target of the plaintiffs’ bar due to the large number of catastrophes that occur here. It’s never too early to engage Swift Legal Group to assist.

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